• Become a Member

    IHE International is made up of member organizations that are stakeholders in improving the interoperability of health information systems. Member organizations participate in IHE in a variety of ways, including designating representatives to Domain Committees and National/Regional Deployment Committees relevant to their interests.


    IHE International's membership fees are tiered by type and size of organization in order to enable all stakeholders to participate. The categories of membership and annual membership fees (in US dollars) are:


    • Vendors, for-profit providers and other for-profit organizations
      • Large Organizations (more than 250 employees): $1,500
      • Medium-sized Organizations (4 to 250 employees): $500
      • Smaller Organizations (less than 4 employees): $250
    • Not-for-profit organizations and government agencies: $500
      • Humanitarian non-profit organizations and government agencies in low- and middle-income countries (as classified by WHO): $250
    • Provider Organizations (direct provider of healthcare to patients)
      • Small provider organizations (less than 4,000 staff members): $250
      • Large provider organizations (more than 4,000 staff members): $500
    • Standards Development Organizations (SDOs): free reciprocal membership

    Use the online form linked below to apply for membership in IHE International: 

    Member organization applications will be reviewed for approval at the first meeting of the IHE International Board following their submission. Approved member organizations will be invoiced for their membership fees (as applicable). Activation of membership will be effective on payment of invoiced fees.


    Memberships run July 1 to June 30 and must be renewed annually. If you are already a member and wish to renew your membership, click here for instructions or contact membership@ihe.net for assistance.