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    You Are Part of IHE's Vision

    As a stakeholder in the health IT community, you are at the center of IHE’s 2020 Vision. Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is a leader in advancing interoperability because of the breadth and depth of its stakeholder engagement. IHE members come from across the spectrum of care, spanning the health IT industry and transcending international boundaries. Our members participate in a unique and rigorous process that includes identification of clinical and workflow needs, development of use cases and detailed specifications, and testing of interoperable products and systems.

    Flora Lum, AAO "Together we have built profiles to fit the unique needs and workflow of eye care practices and the various roles of eye care vendors, big and small." 

    - Flora Lum, MD
    American Academy of Ophthalmology

    Interoperability is critical to the effective use of health IT to improve care. As a member of IHE, you are part of the solution. IHE membership provides a valuable forum for leaders and advocates dedicated to our vision of enabling seamless and secure access to health information whenever and wherever needed. Membership allows you to keep abreast of the latest developments, gives you visibility among your industry peers, and demonstrates your support of standards-based interoperability solutions addressing vital health information needs.


    Dr. Flora Lum, Policy Director for Quality of Care and Knowledge Base Development at the American Academy of Ophthalmology sees the value of IHE membership. "We have been IHE members and the sponsor of the Eye Care domain for about nine years," she says. "We plan to continue our participation because IHE promotes a standards-based interoperability approach that brings together all of the interested parties--vendors, users (including physicians and other health care professionals), IT professionals and others--to build solutions."

    "Together we have built profiles to fit the unique needs and workflow of eye care practices and the various roles of eye care vendors, big and small," Dr. Lum says. "The result is that our physicians have a standards-based way to schedule and coordinate procedure data to imaging devices, to handle patient identifiers and demographic data in a secure and consistent manner, and to create and exchange standardized clinical documents."


    Dino Damals, CIO of the American College of Cardiology also sees the benefits of IHE participation for his organization’s members. “During an average day, many clinicians, facilities, and vendors contribute to the care of individuals,” he points out. “Ensuring the right information is available at the right time is vital. IHE is helping to find and resolve many technical issues while ensuring that communication and cooperation exists through the entire care continuum. It is one of the keys necessary to transform healthcare.” The participation of clinicians is one of the aspects that set IHE apart. “Medical societies can add clinical expertise that represents best practices from across the country and around the world,” Damals says. “The ACC believes in interoperability. IHE is the place for these efforts to come to life.”


    “IHE is helping to find and resolve many technical issues while ensuring that communication and cooperation exists through the entire care continuum.”
    - Dino Damals
    American College of Cardiology

    IHE provides benefits that include access to the IHE Product Registry, an online resource health IT system developers use to communicate the capabilities of their systems to prospective users; access to the IHE member directory, a resource for networking with your peers in the health IT community; and access to educational webinars presented regularly by IHE experts.


    Most importantly, as a member of IHE International, you are part of a vital organization whose scope includes 13 clinical and operational domains and over 25 national and regional deployment organizations spanning the globe. You will actively participate in IHE’s pragmatic approaches to achieving standards-based interoperability to deliver real-world healthcare solutions.


    IHE’s 2020 Vision is to build on the foundation we have established to:

    • Broaden stakeholder engagement
    • Increase awareness and adoption of IHE profiles
    • Strengthen support for IHE members, committees, and international deployment organizations
    • Broaden testing services to improve product and deployment successes
    • Enhance the organization’s independence, governance and capacity


    The success of this vision relies on your continued support and participation. Starting in July 2015, IHE International will adopt a fee-based membership model, tiered by type and size of organization to all stakeholders to participate.


    What do you think of the 2020 Vision?  Send your feedback, questions and suggestions to our Community Forum. Your opinion is important… we want to hear from you!