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    Inside IHE Webinar Series 2017

    Inside IHE is a regular series of webinars presented by leaders of IHE standards development activities to inform the healthcare community about IHE, engage interested stakeholders and prepare developers and implementers to leverage IHE solutions to achieve interoperability in healthcare. Information and registration for upcoming webinars and recordings of past presentations are provided below. Links to previous years' webinars are provided in the menu at left.




    Inside IHE: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM)


    Domain Overview


    Profiles in Final Text



    Profiles in Trial Implementation & Development


    Current Projects & Getting Involved



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    • Riki Merrick, MPH, Vernetzt, LLC
    • Raj Dash, MD, Professor and Vice-Chair for IT, Department of Pathology and Director, Laboratory Informatics Strategy & Medical Director, Laboratory Information Systems, Duke Health



    • Understand the scope of the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Domain
    • Learn what profiles are currently being developed
    • Learn what profiles are available for testing at the Connectathons in 2017/18 cycle



    Inside IHE: Radiology


    Intro and MAP Profile


    SOLE Profile



    REM-NM Profile


    RD Profile



    WIA Profile (formerly MHD-I


    Inside IHE Radiology Slides









    • Mike Bohl, Radiology Group PC SC



    • Kinson Ho, Change Healthcare
    • Kevin O’Donnell, Canon/Toshiba
    • Rob Horn, Agfa
    • Teri Sippel Schmidt, Canon/Vital



    IHE Radiology will present some recent exciting profiles that are available for trial implementation:


    • Management of Acquisition Protocols (MAP) – New Supplement published in 2017
      • The Management of Acquisition Protocols Profile supports the collection of scan protocols from acquisition modalities, their review on a protocol manager and re-distribution to modalities.
    • Standardized Operational Log of Events (SOLE) – New Supplement published in 2017
      • The SOLE Profile defines a way to exchange information about events that can then be collected, analyzed and displayed using standard methods.
    • Radiation Exposure Monitoring for Nuclear Medicine (REM-NM) – Supplement published in 2016
      • REM-NM addresses tracking, reporting and management of radiopharmaceutical administered dose information in a manner similar to that already adopted for ionizing radiation via the REM Profile.
    • Results Distribution (RD) – New Supplement published in 2017
      • Results Distribution (RD) Profile sends radiology results, i.e., a radiology report, to existing installed base systems. The results is defined with structured content to support other integrated profile requirements, such as follow-up of non-critical actionable findings.

    IHE Radiology will also present some major upcoming changes to existing profiles:


    • Web-based Image Access (WIA, formerly known as MHD-I)
      • WIA provides image sharing and interactive viewing of imaging studies via RESTful services. It supports different backends such as XDS-I and DICOM/DICOMweb.



    Inside IHE: Eye Care


    Domain Overview


    Unified Eye Care Workflow Profile (U-Eyecare)



    Content Profiles (GEE & EC-Summary)


    How to Get Involved & Resources



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    • Peter Scherer, Chief Information Officer ifa group of companies
    • Donald Van Syckle,President DVC Consulting, Inc.



    • Understanding of how eye care information systems (PMS, EMR) acquisition devices and image management systems seamlessly exchange patient identifiers, demographic data, scheduling information, images, reports, post charges, etc. within an eye care workflow scenario.
    • Understanding how EMRs can exchange information captured during a patient’s general eye examination, plus the ability to capture/exchange a patient’s eye care summary.



    Inside IHE: Cardiology


    Interoperability: Guiding Principles & Needs


    Cardiac Workflow Profiles



    Cardiac Procedure Note Profile (CPN)


    Interoperability & Call for Proposals



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    • Jerry Serwer MD, University of Michigan
    • David Slotwiner MD, Weill Cornell Medical College
    • Nick Gawrit MBA, heartbase
    • Chris Melo MS, Philips Healthcare



    • Paul Dow, MS, American College of Cardiology



    • Understand activities of the Cardiology domain.
    • Overview of available profiles including clinical workflow and content profiles.



    Inside IHE: Patient Care Device (PCD)


    Domain Overview





    2017 Profile Updates


    Get Involved & Resources



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    • Monroe Pattillo, Practical Health Interoperability, LLC



    Inside IHE: IT Infrastructure (ITI)


    Domain Overview & Profiles


    How to Participate & Development Cycle



    Connectathon High Level Overview















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    • Daniel Berezeanu, Ready Computing



    Inside IHE: Radiation Oncology


    Domain & Committee Overview


    Profiles and Technical Framework



    Connectathon & How to Participate















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    • Mark Pepelea, Ph.D., Philips Healthcare



    • Become familiar with the structure of the committees in IHE-RO, with the purpose of IHE-RO and with the profiles currently being developed.



    Inside IHE: Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH)


    mRFD Profile (Mobile Retrieve Form for Data Capture)


    ADX Profile (Aggregate Data Exchange)



    FP (Family Planning)


    BFDR-E & VRDR Profiles



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    View ADX Slides

    View FP Slides

    View BFDR-E & VRDR Slides 



    • Derek Ritz, ecGroup



    • John Stamm, Epic
    • James Kariuki, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Bob Jolliffe, University of Osl
    • Lauren Lemieux, American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
    • Lori Fourquet, E-HealthSign, LLC
    • Alaina Elliott, National Center for Health Statistics



    IHE QRPH will present the following profiles:

    • mRFD (Mobile Retrieve Form for Data Capture)
    • ADX (Aggregate Data Exchange)
    • FP2 (Family Planning version 2)
    • BFDR-E (Birth and Fetal Death Reporting Enhanced)
    • VRDR (Vital Records Death Reporting)



    Inside IHE: Patient Care Coordination (PCC)


    Domain Overview & Existing Profiles


    New Profiles



    More New Profiles


    How to Participate



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    • Laura Heermann Langford
    • Amit Popat



    • Jeremiah Myers, HIMSS



    • History of the PCC Domain
    • Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals of PCC and relevance in IHE and Health IT
    • Accomplishments over the most recent cycle
    • Identify opportunities for your organization to participate and engage in PCC



    Inside IHE: Pharmacy

    Please see 2016 webinars in the upper left navigation menu to view the most recent Pharmacy Domain update.





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    Other Webinars


    IHE USA Webinars

    Visit the IHE USA website to see additional webinar offerings on topics such as the IHE North American (NA) Connectathon and HIMSS Interoperability Showcase.


    IHE 2017 Eye Care Connectathon



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